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Word Counts In is our publication about counting words and their characters.

What is Word Counts - Word Counter Tool?

Word Counts Tool is a word counter that provides a wide array of statistics about the word count, character count, keywords, sentences, and paragraphs of any text.

The tool word counter also displays each word with details about the number of times it appears in the text. You can also receive the number of unique words. From here, you can find & replace one or all the occurrences of a word in your text. This tool also generates a word cloud of your most used keywords so you can ensure you've met your SEO requirements. is the easiest to use word counting tool, and it runs in all popular web browsers, including Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Brave, Opera, Internet Explorer, and many more, including web3 browsers.

This tool is suitable for counting the number of characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs in articles, essays, books, e-books, blogs, novels, scripts, vlogs, and any other written content. You can also use to count characters for posting on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, HackerNews,, Mastadon, and any where on the internet.

The word count of your text is a crucial metric to monitor when writing. You should use to maximize your writing productivity and ensure you're content is suitable for your target audience.

This tool is useful for anyone who writes blogs, scripts, articles, forums, marketing copy, sales copy, product reviews, feedback, emails, and any other written content. It also comes with an auto save feature, which saves your text in your browser so that you can resume your work later, even if your computer crashes.

Word Counter Tool FAQ

What is a character?

Character counters, such as, considers any letter, number, punctuation, emoji, and other special keys from your keyboard as a character; each key is a single character.

Multiple characters make up a word, and multiple words make up a sentence. Multiple sentences make up a paragraph. Multiple paragrahs makes up a complete written piece of content.

What is a word?

Word counter tools, such as, consider a word as any combination of characters that are surrounded by preceding and proceeding spaces.

How are unique words counted?

This word counter tool counts unique words by only counting each word once, even if it occurs multiple times in your text.

What counts as a sentence?

A sentence is contains any combination of words followed by a punctuation mark, such as a period, question mark, or exclamation point.

What counts as a paragraph?

A paragraph contains any number of sentences and is followed by a new-line character that separates it from other groups of sentences.

How are keywords determined?

A keyword, or key word, is any word that is not a stop word.

What is a stop word?

Stop words are a set of commonly used words in any language, such as English. In English, which is supported in the word counter tool, words such as “the”, “is” and “and”, are considered as stop words.

Word counter tools, including, filter out these stop words when counting the keywords in text content.

How is the word cloud generated?

The word counter tool generates a word cloud of your keywords so that you can quickly see which keywords are used most in your text. This is very helpful for search engine optimization as well as ensuring your content has a wide range of words rather than repeatedly using the same few words. This is crucial for reader engagement.

Can I find and replace text with this tool?

Yes. Simply click the "Find & Replace" button to show the text inspector. From there, you can click any word in your text to reveal more details about that word as well as the replacer tool. Click to show the replacement input for a word, enter your replacement text, and click "Replace". Furthermore, you can replace all of the occurrences of a word with case insensitivity, or you can choose to only replace exact matches of the word.

How long should my text be? Typical word counts for:

Social networksCharacters
Twitter post71–100
Facebook post80
Instagram caption100
YouTube description138–150
High school300–1,000
College admission200–650
Undergraduate college1,500–5,000
Graduate school admission500–1,000
Blogs, work and literatureWords
LinkedIn article1,900–2,000
Blog posts500–800
Cover letters200–400
Short stories~7,500